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The Women behind Feather Beautiful

Hi, I'm Fatma, the woman behind Feather Beautiful. I have always had a huge passion for birds and animals - As a result, I set up Feather Beautiful in 2014 and created what you see today. I share my home with five parrots: Kiwi, a beautiful light green Budgie; Prince Edward Island (Yes, that his literal name! But I call him Edward or Eddy in short) a grey English Budgie; Blossom is the Cockatiel that I handfed from 19 days old; Muffin, who is visually compromised, is also a Cockatiel that I handfed from 21 days old; and Basil, who is green with hints of turquoise, is my newest addition which is also an English Budgie. I aim to provide affordable toys for birds all around to bird with reasonable prices!