Mr. Crab - Large Toy

$16.87 CAD

This is our newest bird toy for medium/large sized birds! This is an excellent toy with many natural pine wood cutouts hanged on sisal rope.

Our toys are 100% safe for birds. If you have a small animal and are interested in our toys, I have a description of the materials used in each toy listed. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to decide if those toy parts are safe for your specific small animal. Please be mindful that some toys might come with small beads (again, this will be listed in the materials section), which can pose a potential choking hazard for your small animal.

Size: 22cm wide, 35cm tall

Materials Include: pine cubes, crab cutout, smaller beads, sisal rope

A-GRADE (standard):
Toy crab is of the highest possible quality offered. They have no imperfections.

B-GRADE (seconds):
toy crabs with visible imperfection sold at a discount. The claws of the crabs are broken. So, instead of a 6 legged crab, if you choose to get a Grade-B finish, you will end up with a 4 or 5 legged crab toy. Ideal for birds who don't mind few imperfections.

All of my toys are shipped in a cardboard box to keep them nice and safe for their journey

Customer Reviews

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Susan Howard
My CAG loves Mr Crab

And I love that it is natural wood, beautiful and lasts a long time even with with a destructive Grey teenage parrot. This was my 4th purchase.

Great toys!

My chinchilla adores these toys, and so do I! They’re well-made and Fatma does a wonderful job ensuring not only high quality but also great detail in what materials are included so I can make sure everything is safe for my pet. I’ll definitely be buying from Feather Beautiful again!