Bird Hut - Hut

$14.00 USD

A great natural tunnel that is put together with thin stainless steel nails. Bolt, washers and wing nuts are used to attach item to the cage which will come with the package. The tunnel is sanded down nicely on all surfaces and edges. The tunnel comes with all mounting hardware, including washers per bolt for extra cage support. A bird cutout added as a cute feature!

Our toys are 100% safe for birds. If you have a small animal and are interested in our toys, I have a description of the materials used in each toy listed. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to decide if those toy parts are safe for your specific small animal. Please be mindful that some toys might come with small beads (again, this will be listed in the materials section), which can pose a potential choking hazard for your small animal.

All original designs, made by myself.

15.5 cm tall, 24 cm wide
The wood is paulownia
total of 3 doorways. One in the front for the entrances, the bird doorway on the side, and the top circle doorway.
two washers, one bolt, and one wing (all stainless steal)

Our huts are meant to be uses as a designated play area and not as a nest box. Unlike fabrics, we are using natural wood to eliminate the possibility of hormonal behaviours but we cannot 100% guarantee that this will not happen with your birds. We advise you remove the tunnel if you notice your bird becoming cage aggressive or hormonally aggressive.

All of my toys are shipped in a cardboard box to keep them nice and safe for their journey.