Grey Cockatiel - Enamel Pin

$11.00 USD

A cute enamel pin of an cockatiel bird that is perfect for adorning your favourite jacket, bags or clothing or you could collect them and display them as cute little art pieces!


S I Z E S & M A T E R I A L S
Hard Enamel
1.5 inches
Gold Plated
Cute complimenting backing card
One rubber clutch included

P I N   G R A D I N G
A-GRADE (standard):
Pins of the highest possible quality offered. They have few to no minor imperfections due to the production process (only noticeable under certain light/angle/closeup). These imperfections include, but are not limited to:
- Very small speck(s)/dot(s)/air bubble(s)
- Minor scuff/very light scratch(es)
- Minor uneven areas (slight underfill/overfill)
- Slightly misaligned screenprinting
- Very small discoloured glitter speck(s)

B-GRADE (second pins):
Pins with slightly more visible imperfections (but still minor), sold at a discount. Ideal for use in places that will be subject to wear/tear! These imperfections include, but are not limited to:
- Dirt speck(s)/air bubble(s)/dust trapped in the enamel
- Overfill/underfill
- Scratches/scuffing
- More noticeable discoloured glitter speck
- Slight oxidation
- Miscoloured enamel

*B-GRADE pins might have no/a different backing card depending on availability.

C-GRADE (third pin):
These pins have more noticeable imperfections and are offered at a major discount (over 50%). None of our pins goes to waste and we hope these special pins can also find a loving home! The flaws include, but are not limited to, the following:
- deeper scratch/scruff in the enamel or metal
- major oxidation*
- noticeable specks/dust
- large bump(s) in the enamel (Supernova Chasers)
- area of missing enamel/glitter
- larger area of miscoloured enamel
- wobbly/bent/loose posts on the back
- major low-fill or overfill
- resin coating/overfill
- misplaced screenprinting

**Upon purchasing this item, you acknowledge that the minor imperfections listed above are acceptable. Returns/refunds/replacements will not be accepted because of these imperfections!
Pin Grade