What did you study? 

I did two years of University but decided I was in the wrong program. I completed becoming a veterinary assistant with a 4.0 gpa. I'll be starting a my new program, Medical Administrator, to get my diploma. 

When did you get your first bird?

I was about 12 years old when I first got my budgie.

How many birds do you have now?

I have a total of five birds. Two of my cockatiels are named Muffin and Blossom. I also have 3 budgies. Their names are Edward, Kiwi and Edward

Who is Limon and Snowy?

Snowy and Limon are my beautiful budgies that passed away. I hold both of them dearly to my heart. Limon had an inoperable tumor on his leg that was pushing against his chest. He eventually passed away at night. Snowy passed away because of bone cancer. Both Snowy's and Limon's death had a profound effect on my mental health. I miss them dearly. 

 What happened to Cookie?

Cookie, just like Muffin and Blossom, was a juvenile cockatiel that I got. In short, Cookie, still during weaning stage, managed to fly out and I was unable to find her. I want to make few things clear. My birds, passed and living, are irreplaceable to me. I don't, and won't, go out to buy another bird to replace a missing spot. Will I ever get new birds? Most likely. But would that spot ever be replace? No. I know, after nearly being 6 months what the odds are of Cookie making it to safety and what her odds are of survival. I will still continue searching. I will put flyers, place ads and look at all missing pets on facebook and other social platforms in hopes to one day find her. I made a mistake and I take full responsibility for it. Following the lessons and insights I got from the bird community, and as I continue to learn more and listen, I'll be working to implement long-term changes into my birds lives. I should've been more careful

What cameras do you use for YouTube?

I use the Canon T3i, Canon EOS M5 and my phone which is the Samsung Galaxy s20+

What made you decide to do YouTube?

I always was fascinated with content creators. Initially, I had a Instagram account but as years went by and collecting a fan base, it became hard managing everyone comments and their requests. I decided to have an YouTube account so I can answer everyone's questions in a more efficient way. 

​Are your toys safe for small animals?

Under each toy I make disclaimers about if the toy is safe for smaller species. If I don't have any disclaimer, you can always send me an email and hopefully I can clarify things. With that being said, some of our toys are safe for small animals but be mindful that some toys have small beads or acrylic beads which can be swallowed depending on the species you have. 

What kind of environment do you make the toys in?

At no time does any of my birds come in contact with any of the materials and finished products from this store. Also, all the products that are created, made, and shipped are made at a smoke-free home.

Do you accept orders outside Canada?

Yes, I ship internationally. 

What currency is used? 

All of our prices are in Canadian dollars. 

Can I return/refund my order? 

No, we do not offer returns because we do not risk the spread of disease to our customers.. Refunds are only done if the product is damaged (pictures required) or if your toys didn't arrive. 

Do you ever get hate?

Anyone who is a creator will get hate. Because my audience is smaller, I don't get as many as some individuals but I still get a few a day. Most of the time it's either someone not completely agreeing with how I care for my birds. Some don't like the diet I offer to my bird or don't like that I talked in a less favourable manner when it comes to other diets. Sometimes, people just don't like the video I put out. Oftentimes, if I get a hateful comment, It is also my responsibility to answer their question and concerns in a mature and dignified way. We all have our differences but I try making this platform as age-appropriate as possible.