Cinnamon Delight - Autumn Collection

$8.00 USD

Our flower avian birdie bread mix is made up of 4 delicious natural ingredients. All the ingredients of our birdie breads are organic and sifted thoroughly. Not only is our bread mix providing your birds with a variety of interesting textures & delicious smells, but it's bursting with ingredients that have highly beneficial properties.

Inside the package you will get 200 grams of our mix. Our mix comes in a 8.7"x5.5" Kraft food storage bag

Method of cooking birdie bread:
-Pre-Heat oven to 300.
-Place birdie bread mix, add baking powder in large bowl and set aside.
-For your puree mix, add eggs, 1/2 cup water and baby food puree of your choice. I added apple puree
-Pour blended puree into your bowl of dry ingredients and stir with a large spoon.
-Spread mixture in a lightly greased pan
-Bake for approximately 20-30 minutes. (Time may vary.) Let cool and cut into squares that are the size of a daily portion for your bird and freeze accordingly.
-Defrost daily portions in the microwave before feeding. Depending on your bird, either crumble the birdie bread into their bowl (especially smaller birds) or give them talon size chunks (bigger birds).

Don't be afraid to experiment with the ingredients. The recipe is very forgiving. Instead of baby food, I sometimes substitute it for a can of pumpkin, mashed bananas, or mashed sweet potatoes.
Other things I've experimented with include chopped nuts and raisins.

Our avian birdie mix is 100% safe for birds. If you have a small animal and are interested in our avian mix, I have a description of the ingredients listed. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to decide if those ingredients are safe for your specific small animal.

oat flour . millet flour . millet . pumpkin seed . cinnamon .

Store in a closed airtight container in a cool, dry place. Left-overs can be frozen but if eggs are used, make sure not to exceed 3 months in the freezer.