Are your toys safe for small animals?
Our materials we use to make the toys are 100% safe for birds. If you have a small animal and are interested in our toys, I have a description of the materials used in each toy listed.  

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to decide if those toy parts are safe for your specific small animal whether that be a rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, rat, etc.
Please be mindful that some toys might come with small beads (again, this will be listed in the materials section), which can pose a potential choking hazard for your small animal.

What kind of environment do you make the toys in?

At no time does any of my birds come in contact with any of the materials and finished products from this store. Also, all the products that are created, made, and shipped are made at a smoke-free home. 

How long does it take for my order to ship?
We normally make most orders within 5-10 business days. Large orders may take a little longer to mail, (12-15 days) as we hand-make many of our toys to order.

If you are located in the US or Canada, depending on what shipping method you choose, toys can take between an additional week or two to arrive.
International orders, depending on your shipping method you have chosen, can take an addition 2-6 weeks to arrive.

Shipping times are beyond my control. To lower the cost for my customers, I offer the options of no tracking shipments but that also means shipping will take relatively longer than usual. You're able to choose what shipping method you want at checkout.

What is your return policy?
We have a firm no return policy on all of our items. This is a common policy amongst bird supply companies and is in effect for the safety of our customers' birds. By not accepting returns, we can guarantee that none of our toys have come into contact with any birds, therefore eliminating the threat of dangerous bird viruses being spread to your birds. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to choose the right toy for your bird... if you ever need help selecting a toy for your bird, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance!

There is a refund policy under certain circumstances.

How are your toys dyed?
We use Americolor or Ann Clark to dye our toys. It is human grade food gel, that we dilute with water.  

Some sellers will mix colorants with 70% isopropyl alcohol. This is because it helps the colour set quickly, reducing how wet the materials get, and thereby decreasing drying time. This also decreased waste of the remaining dye that is left and can be re-used once its placed in the refrigerator. Isopropyl alcohol limits the chances for mold from happening.

Since I prefer using water, whatever that is left over gets thrown out.
It's just a personal preference regarding with method a seller uses. If our methods change, I'll be sure to notify everyone.

Why do your toys not include Quicklinks?
By default, I do not include quicklinks as people have their own preferences.

Additionally, some of my mature customers have hand and mobility limitations which make using quicklinks difficult and strenuous. My customers who fit into these categories often opt for plastic links as it's easier to use.

For these reasons, I opted out adding them to every toy. This prevents waste by not giving something to someone that they can't or won't use, keeps my costs down by only sending things that are wanted, and keeps prices lower.

For future toys, I will be adding additional options for anyone who wants to pay extra for toys to come with quicklinks or plastic links.

What metals do you use?
For the time being, we prefer only using stainless steel and nickel-plated. You'll be able to find this information in each toy in the "materials" section on which type of metal we used. O-rings are typically nickel-plated unless otherwise stated.

General Toy Safety
I try to be very diligent in all aspects of toy making, from the materials used to the way they are used.  

That being said, every bird plays different, and it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the things you give to your bird are safe.

We use beads in our toys and we emphasize on which species it's most appropriate based on these bead sizes. All our toy materials are listed in the material section. If you have any questions about any aspect of my toys, please send me a message. 

Do you offer wholesale?
At this time, I do not offer wholesale on my items.